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5 Easy habits for men to kill bad breath forever

Tal Lewinger - Friday, February 23, 2018


Bad breath, or Halitosis, is a condition that can be embarrassing for men and affects roughly thirty percent of people globally.It is a common problem that most of faced at one point or another.The causes of bad breath can range from poor oral hygiene, diet, illness, and infected oral tissue.The odor-producing bacteria often accumulates on and under the tongue, mouth cavity and tonsils. However, bad breath can be prevented by following or adding some easy habits into our oral hygiene routine everyday.


Here are five easy habits to get rid of bad breath forever.


  • 1.Brush and floss, and repeat
  • The buildup of plaque on the teeth collects the bacteria that often cause bad breath.Also, food trapped between the teeth compounds the problem.A simple solution of brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing between meals will help prevent plaque build-up and remove trapped food between the teeth.However, it is advised to brush with care as brushing too hard can erode gum tissue from the teeth opening them up to decay.Vigorous brushing will also lead to bleeding gums.
  • 2.Rinse often
  • These days a mouthwash is more than just a breath freshener.Most contain anti-bacterial elements that help eliminate bad breath and adds protection to prevent plaque buildup.To ensure you buy an effective mouthwash, make sure the one you get has anti-bacterial elements and is not just a simple solution that eliminates the odor for a short time.For the best results, rinse your mouth with mouthwash twice a day and with plain water after every meal.


  • 3.Tongue scraping
  • Your tongue is usually covered with a thin film of odor-producing bacteria.It is easy to remove this thin covering by gently brushing the tongue with a toothbrush during your daily oral hygiene routine.If you are not comfortable using a toothbrush, you can buy a tongue scraper.This device allows you to reach the back of your tongue where a toothbrush usually cannot get to.A tongue scraper is great for gently and evenly removing bacteria, dead cells, and food debris.
  • 4.Monitor your diet
  • Your diet plays a huge role in your breath.Avoid garlic or raw onions just before going out to see friends or work.You may think that brushing or rinsing your mouth after eating onions or garlic will solve the problem but these foods enter the bloodstream and will travel to the lungs leaving an odor in your body that lingers.It is best to just avoid these foods and another other foods that may cause bad breath.
  • 5.Take care of your gums
  • Gum disease is one of the leading causes of bad breath.Make sure you add a care regime for your gums in your oral hygiene routine.Odor-producing bacteria accumulates at the base and in between the teeth.Should you already suffer from gum disease, it is best to consult a dentist or periodontist for the best cause of remedy.However, to prevent gum disease, make sure you floss and brush regularly, and do not brush too hard.

Following these simple step will ensure that you never have to worry about bad breath.Should you have continuous problems with bad breath, it is advised to consult your dentist for the possible cause and proper remedy.



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