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Gum Line Contouring for a Shapelier Smile

Tal Lewinger - Friday, March 30, 2018

A beautiful smile can be very distracting if all you can see is gums. Our gums serve a purpose but no one really wants to see them. Large, thick gums make our teeth look short and stubby and not nearly as attractive as long ones. If you feel your gums are a distraction from your otherwise beautiful smile, there are measures you can take.


Modern medicine is ever-evolving and in the area of dental health and oral surgery, it’s come leaps and bounds from where it used to be. With the use of lasers from everything from eye surgery to scarless cosmetic surgery, gum contouring is well in that arena. No more cutting them back with a scalpel, we now have lasers.


Keep in mind this procedure can also be done for people who have receding gumlines and wish to have the appearance of lowering it.


By using a laser, a dentist or dental surgeon can carefully and painlessly remove or contour your gums back to give you a more toothy grin. They simply trim your gumline back and reveal your gorgeous teeth. It’s fast, safe and painless to have to procedure done. Because the laser also cauterizes while it trims, it seals it up, so there is very little bleeding and dramatically reduces the chance of infections. It can all be completed with one visit to your dentist.


The recovery time is short, depending on each patient and how much tissue was actually removed. There may be some swelling and slight soreness for upwards to a week. You may experience some slight discomfort when brushing or flossing, but that should be minimal.


Of course, this is considered a cosmetic procedure and it may be expensive. The cost will also be determined by how many teeth and how much gum you wish to have trimmed. There is no price we can put on how we feel about ourselves, so will need to do some research for procedure costs and decide if it’s worth it or if you can budget for it.


If it’s something you are seriously considering, be sure to ask all the questions you need. Ask your dentist if he can show you some samples, before and after and ask everything you may be worried about. Of course, if you are having any upcoming dental work done, you may want to ask about including this procedure with it, however it will increase the cost.


No one can tell your teeth are fine if you don’t think they are. If it’s something that has always bothered you, you owe it to yourself to change it. Find out all you need to know and if you are really uncomfortable with the appearance of your teeth or gums, laser contouring may be just the thing to get you smiling again. Make an appointment or ask family or friends, but get your smile back where it belongs.


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