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When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

Tal Lewinger - Friday, April 06, 2018

At some point or another in your life you will find that your wisdom teeth begin to grow through. Sometimes this can be quite a painful experience. In more cases than not, these teeth usually get extracted to avoid any complications. So you may find yourself asking when do you know if they need removing or not? Well, according to dentists and experts, it is not always necessary to remove them if the only reason is pain. Wisdom teeth cause other teeth to squash in order to make room in your gums for the new growths. This can cause teeth to overlap, push tightly against one another and cause inflammation of the gums.


The older a person gets, the harder it is for new teeth to push through the surface of the gums and grow into the mouth. If there is not enough room for the new wisdom teeth to grow into, there is a possibility that they tension created by pushing and squashing could cause serious inflammation and rotting of other surrounding teeth and gums. Dentists use a local anesthetic to numb the area whilst removing the wisdom teeth. It is then advised not to eat solid foods and also anything too hot or cold in temperature for a while after the tooth has been removed as to not annoy the wound or get any food particles trapped, hence preventing the healing process.


It is also extremely important to be aware that cysts may occur around the time of new teeth because of the stress caused from the new growth. Other side effects can also include, having problems associated with a person’s sinus area and jaws. When a person’s gums are swollen, this causes small opening, called pockets to appear, therefore making the holes prime targets for cavities to accumulate. So when is the best time to have wisdom teeth extracted you might ask? Well according to research, the ideal age would be between 14 and 24. Between these ages the gums are still forming and it is therefore easier to remove teeth causing less complications.


If an impacted wisdom tooth happens to be left untreated, this could cause excruciating pain further on. An infected tooth could cause a nasty infection such as pericoronitis. Having an infected tooth can cause severe pain, difficulty eating and problems when attempting to brush your teeth.


Sometimes if a tooth is really damaged inside the gum, some bone may also be removed to confirm a clean extraction of the problematic wisdom tooth.


If you cannot get a tooth brush in between your teeth to clean them, then this can be counted as a definite example of a tooth which needs removing. A rotten wisdom tooth can cause a really bad halitosis in your mouth and this may cause for embarrassment if not checked out in time. Taking time to ensure you have regular appointments at your local dentist can prevent all sorts of problems. Always remember to brush your teeth twice a day and to keep on top of personal hygiene.


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