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Marketplace Dentistry is located in the soon-to-be LEED certified Rutherford Marketplace shopping complex at Bathurst St. and Rutherford Rd. in Maple, Ontario. A green-certified location was a perfect fit for Dr. Lewinger’s environmentally-responsible sensibilities and both the Rutherford Marketplace complex and Marketplace Dentistry were designed and built to comply with stringent environmental building standards.


Many of the environmentally responsible features of Marketplace Dentistry aren’t readily apparent to our patients but they significantly reduce the use of water, electricity, natural gas and natural resources; generate less landfill waste; and/or create a healthier environment for our staff and our patients.

First, because Marketplace Dentistry is located within a LEED project, the building itself already meets specified objective standards for ventilation, thermal efficiency, minimization of light pollution as well as lighting, energy and water efficiency.

Dr. Lewinger is a Dentist that brings eco-friendly practices to the Vaughan community.  << learn  more>>

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Responsible Design Features

  • Flooring

    Our floors are certified for low-volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions through the FloorScore certification program. Choosing products which are low in VOCs contributes to the indoor air quality of a building. The floors were also installed using VOC-free adhesives. The manufacturer is committed to sustainable practices in terms of manufacturing and recyclability in terms of the floor’s end-life.

  • Decorative Walls

    You may have noticed the unique woods panels on our walls. These panels are made from re-claimed tree branches salvaged from an orchard. The branches were affixed with VOC-free adhesives. The manufacturer is committed to sustainable practices in their manufacturing, packaging and shipping processes.

  • Decorative Panel in Sterilization Area

    The unique dried leaf panel in the sterilization area is made of resin and leaves and incorporates recycled materials. The manufacturer is committed to sustainable practices in its manufacturing processes.

  • Painted Walls

    All walls in the office have been painted with VOC-free paints. This creates a healthier environment for our staff and patients because it contributes to the indoor air quality of the office.

  • Toilets

    All toilets in the office are high-efficiency and low-flow, meaning they flush using less water than traditional toilets.

  • LED Chair-side Operatory Lights

    Marketplace Dentistry uses LED lights chair-side in all of its operatories. The lights are mercury-free, use 70% less energy than traditional halogen operatory lights, last 10 times longer than these traditional lights and they do not generate heat, thus overall saving energy and generating less waste.

  • LED or Compact Fluorescent Lights

    In addition to our operatory lights, all of the light fixtures at Marketplace Dentistry use either LED or fluorescent lighting. All of these fixtures use less energy, last longer and generate less heat than traditional halogen or incandescent lights.

  • Dyson Airblade Hand-dryer

    You will notice in our washroom that we have a Dyson Airblade. This hand-dryer uses 80% less electricity than warm air hand dryers. It also helps us reduce our carbon footprint and cut down on landfill waste by eliminating the need for paper towels. This hand-dryer is the first one to be awarded the Carbon Reduction Label from the Carbon Trust.

  • Motion-sensored Faucet and Soap Dispensor

    When you go to the washroom, you might notice that our faucet and soap dispenser are both motion-sensor activated. This prevents unnecessary waste as they are only in use when you need them.

  • Motion sensors for Lights in Non-Operatory Rooms

    Have you ever left a room and forgot to turn off the light? In our effort to prevent unnecessary waste of electricity, we have installed motion sensors in most of our non-operatory rooms so that the lights will turn off automatically when the rooms are not in use.

  • Dry Dental Vacuum

    If you have been to the dentist, chances are you have seen a vacuum in use. Dentists use vacuums (which look like a suction tube placed in your mouth) to suck out saliva and fluids from your mouth in order to improve visibility during procedures and keep your mouth clean. Traditionally, dentists have used wet vacuums which operate using water which, as you can imagine, when operated all day long, use significant amounts of water. At Marketplace Dentistry, we use a dry dental vacuum system. The dry vacuum has all the same benefits and purposes of the wet vacuum, with the added benefits that it uses no water and it is much more energy efficient in its operation.

  • Dental Chairs

    A-Dec, the manufacturer of our dental operatory chairs is committed to sustainable best practices which includes reducing landfill waste, increasing re-use and recycling and decreasing energy consumption. Their equipment is designed to be durable and serviceable with long-term part availability to ensure long life.

  • Amalgam Separator

    At Marketplace Dentistry, our fillings are mercury-free. However, many of our patients have older fillings made out of an amalgam of silver and mercury. When these fillings are removed, it is important that the mercury be captured and disposed of properly to avoid contamination of water sources. All dentists in Ontario are required by law to have installed a dental amalgam separator which prevents the mercury in older fillings from going into the sewage system.

  • Reception Area Chairs

    These aren’t your average chairs! The chairs in our reception area meet the most stringent GreenGuard certification for Children & Schools Indoor Air Quality. This includes limits on VOCs and phthalates making them suitable and safe for children. In addition, the manufacturer designed the chairs with end-of-life recycling in mind. The chair is 93.4% recyclable! Finally, the manufacturer has a significant environmental program which emphasizes sustainable development.

  • Digital X-Rays

    X-rays are an important part of early detection and proper diagnosis. At Marketplace Dentistry, we only use digital x-rays which, according to the Eco-Dentistry Association, exposes patients to 70-90% less radiation than traditional dental x-rays. In addition, digital x-rays do not generate chemical waste which is harmful to the environment.

  • Digital Patient Charts

    At Marketplace Dentistry, our patient charts are electronic. This means that our patient dental records, x-rays, digital photos and other items relating to each patient’s care are kept only in digital format. This saves a tremendous amount of paper and has the additional benefits of being safer (e.g. because the records are replicable in the event of theft, fire, vandalism and natural disasters), legible, sanitary, quickly accessible by authorized staff and yet, also secure due to modern encryption technologies.

  • Staff Payroll System

    Here’s an interesting fact about our office! Our payroll system is paperless as we pay our staff using direct deposit and e-mail them their paystubs to avoid unnecessary use of paper.

  • Apple "Mac mini" Computers

    Everyone has heard about Apple computers but do you know about the Apple Mac Mini? Marketplace Dentistry uses only Apple Mac mini computers in the dental operatories which have a significant number of environmentally responsible features including that they are: a) highly energy efficient when in use and when idle (it is, at the time of writing this, the world’s most energy-efficient desktop computer); b) tiny in size allowing it to fit into a tiny package (reducing shipping waste); c) Energy Star qualified; d) free of harmful toxins such as lead, brominated flame retardants (BFRs) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC); and e) the enclosure of the computer is made from recyclable aluminum. In addition, Apple is highly committed to reducing its carbon footprint.

  • Appliances

    All of the appliances used in the office, including our televisions, LCD computer screens, dishwasher and fridges are Energy Star certified. Energy Star is a joint program of the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy which certifies product which meet strict standards for energy efficiency and/or the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Paper Products

    While we aspire to be almost completely paperless, once in a while, it is necessary to use paper in the office. On these occasions, we use recycled paper products. In addition, whenever possible (such as our business cards and appointment cards), our printing is done with vegetable oil inks!

Marketplace Dentistry providing family and cosmetic dentistry for the Vaughan, Maple and Thornhill community.

We are located at 9360 Bathurst St., Unit#103,Vaughan ON L6A 4N9

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