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At Marketplace Dentistry, technology plays a major role in both your treatment and your overall experience with our office.

We use a digital x-ray system to take images which exposes our patients to less radiation than traditional x-rays. We also use digital cameras and intra-oral cameras. All of these images are used for record-keeping, insurance communications about recommended treatment and patient education. Our patients are able to see these images as well as our patient education materials on our wall and ceiling-mounted televisions as well as on iPads. And our patient experience is improved by our use of technology for entertainment including ceiling mounted televisions in operatories, “on-demand” content, noise-cancelling headphones, a PlayStation 3 for kids and much more.

Technology also plays a key role in treatment and sterilization. Our handpieces do not require lubrication which is environmentally-friendly and it prevents the chance of contaminating teeth with oil (which can cause fillings to fail). In addition, they are quieter than traditional handpieces. Our compressor is also oil-free. Technology also plays a major role in sterilization within the office including our steam autoclave which meets the RCDSO guidelines for sterilization and infection control.

We are also proud to employ technology to reduce our impact on the environment while increasing the security of our patient records. Our office is virtually paperless and our patient medical records including x-rays and pictures are fully digital. Digital patient records are actually safer than paper records which exist only in their original form and are vulnerable to loss or damage within the office. Our digital records are secure and backed up in encrypted form to ensure the protection and confidentiality of our patient’s records. We are also pleased to offer our patients electronic submission of dental insurance claims.

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